Fresher to Expert

Fresher to Expert

Fresher to Expert : A beginner's guide to software skill development is a book written for the beginner's in the software field. You may be a fresher in an engineering college or new employee in a corporate world, this book is going to help you to improve your software development skills.

Why Book?

Over the years, I have used different resources to become a good developer. These resources really helped me to transition from a clueless computer graduate student to competent developer.

So I have put together this book to help any student who out there wondering how they can improve their skills. This book also tries to show how different things students study in college come together to create something useful.


This book is highly opinionated. Resources and advices shared here are what I think is the best. Not all going to agree on my point of view and that should be ok. There will be better resources or different ways to do the things.


This book is primarily targeted towards the engineering students and software developers in India. But as many resources mentioned in book are globally available it should help any new software developer out there.

At same time, this book is not how to

  • Get good marks in Engineering exams
  • Get job in MNC
  • 24 hour guide to become successful

This book is written for the people who are passionate about software development and want to broaden their horizon.


This book is a effort of collaboration. This book is developed in open source spirit. Lot's of people helped right from the idea to the completion of book.

A big thanks to Shashidhar and Shashi Sagwan for their help in refining language. Thanks to Hemalatha, Rose, Swathi V for their contribution. Thanks to all my friends at Zinnia Systems for sharing their perspective on the book.